Japanese Scientists Reconstruct Space History With Ancient Texts - Astro Watch

Our little astronomy section takes a hint from the adage, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". We begin with anomalous accounts of astronomical events over medieval Japan once dismissed as fiction. When archaeoastronomers started poking around, they discovered something awesome happened in the 11th century. Next, something new appeared in our skies last February, writes David Coward, as a Massive Explosion From An Unknown Source Billions Of Light Years Away Baffles Astronomers. The usual suspects aren't plausible in this case, leaving the door open to stranger hypotheses. Then Renay Oshop borrows from one of the oldest forms of divination to examine the effect of stars upon puny earthlings. Alex Tsakiris invites her to Skeptiko to talk about how she uses Big Data, AI, And Statistics To Challenge What Science Thinks About Astrology. We're hoping Mike Brown's feeling a little blue as citizen scientists Find Four Candidates for Mysterious ‘Planet 9’ , rather than through his deep sky survey with the 8-meter Subaru telescope. Cheers to Mysterious Universe's Brett Tingley for sharing the good news! (CS)

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