Involuntary Shapeshifters - Terra Obscura

MJ Banias tackles the question of how a Non Human Intelligence would interact with humans, and while his answer is a bit heady, it makes perfect sense to those of us of the fortean persuasion. Essentially, our itty bitty pea brains are incapable of dealing with whatever advanced intelligence is "out there," so our imagination steps in and creates a reality that fits into our beliefs and folklore. But it's not just inside our heads this happens. Banias is suggesting that an advanced consciousness is itself compelled to morph into whatever form our subconscious chooses. Bend your mind around that concept, and when you need a break (or a good laugh) read ‘Aliens use my body’: Sydney-based medium claims to communicate with extraterrestrials. Be warned though, it's cringe worthy. But back to some real forteana, with Nick Redfern's Women in Black, the Chupacabra, and a “Goblin�. Each of these three topics can stand on their own merits, which leads us to wonder what Nick's document vault looks like, and if he'd let us play in it for a weekend. (CM)

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