Indiana Witness Illustrates UFO Moving Overhead - Open Minds

Roger Marsh gives us two cases where witnesses provided artwork of the huge and relatively "low and slow UFOs" they believe they saw in evening skies. This first sighting dates back to November of 2015 in Anderson, Indiana. We could find only one of the three witness images of the interestingly-shaped craft on the Case 82148 MUFON database location, and it would be useful to know why the craft's basic color and pattern differed in all three. With Triangle UFO Hovers Low over Rural Pennsylvania, we have a February 22, 2017 Lancaster County case. This witness recounted following J. Allen Hynek's "escalation of hypotheses" before deciding something truly novel was involved. We imagine that the MUFON Field Investigator will resolve the matter of a "third point in the field," as it appears that the witness report on the database is compressing it a bit. (WM)

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