In Defense of Research on Precognition - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Here's a thought, brought to light by Daryl J.Bem, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Cornell University: If one is going to disparage research on specific subjects, as well as the methods and results, then one should check one's facts lest one end up looking like the behind of a barnyard animal. Nice work kicking Tom Bartlett to the curb, Professor. And now for Some Thoughts On Quantum Physics & Stone Tape Theory. There has been a theory out there for a while now that "ghosts" are the result of residual energy of an individual's life being absorbed into the surrounding area over a period of time. Mark Davis recently contacted the Reverend Matt Smith with his thoughts on the matter and did a pretty good job of elaborating the theory, even answering the question of why some folks see spooks and others don't (and it's not because they close their eyes tight and run in the other direction). So if you're one of the members of our readership who not only see ghosts but record the sounds they make, this should interest you: Sidereal Time EVP Study รข€” call for participation is an effort to learn if the occurrences and quality of EVP recordings are affected by changes in star time. It's a bit cerebral but that shouldn't intimidate anyone--if you can face apparitions in the darkness you can certainly face the challenges of an empirical study. (CM)

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