If Real Life Worked Like Claims Of The Paranormal - Bad Thinking

SwiftSure666 might take paranormal researchers to task, but he draws an interesting parallel between those who use technology everyday without understanding the mechanics. Hopefully this (p)skeptical pseudonymous (p)scrivener can find time in his busy day to hear out the Hi-Phi Nation episodes (1, 2) pointing out science's shortcomings. Maybe after he's done being enlightened by his own intelligence, SwiftSure666 might consider Craig Weiler's Tale Of EM Waves And A Sunken Ship describing Project Deep Quest where the government enlisted psychics to detect shipwrecks. But enough of the heavy stuff, let's get back to the woo near and dear to our hearts. Mark Russell Bell breaks out his tattered Tarot deck to share The Fortune Teller's Secret: Synchronicity. Even if you don't have a deck of your own, regular playing cards do just fine and Bell's kind enough to share a soothsaying primer. (CS)

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