How The CIA’s Psychics Described Albert Einstein - Atlas Obscura

Speaking of Nobel prizewinners, JPat Brown shares excerpts from a declassified study where remote viewers had to describe a photo concealed in an opaque envelope. There is a source of irritation for both sides--Mr. Brown's suggestion of the remote-viewers being coached and the CIA not keeping records regarding the "prompting in verbalization". Had Carlos Alvarado led those studies, the reports would've been more detailed like his analysis of Eusapia Palladino's Séances With Julian Ochorowicz In Warsaw. Either Eusapia was a master show woman, or she really had wild talents guaranteed to confound Ochorowicz. Speaking of Skeptiko, Alex Tsakiris pays a visit to Kevin Randle's podcast to explain why Science Is Wrong... About Almost Everything. (UK). As the saying goes, "If it's real, it can take the pressure" and Alex handily perseveres when Randle puts him in the hot seat. (CS)

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