High Strangeness At Haunted Zoos - Mysterious Universe

There's an unspoken bond between people and animals, often transcending death. Nowhere else is this more obvious than at the zoo. From phantom lionesses, dedicated caretakers who refuse to call out dead, and phantom patrons there's more than Brent Swancer could bargain for. Not every spirit, nor lion, is harmless as Brent looks at the tales surrounding Demon Lions: The Ghost, The Darkness, And Other Mysterious Man-Eaters. Might these be cases of highly intelligent and clever animals with a taste for 'long pig', or might they find volition through supernatural agencies as locals like to whisper amongst themselves? Keeping with the theme, there's a haunted zoo in California allegedly holding a source of ultimate, malevolent darkness. It's one of the stops on Brent's tour of the Curses And High Strangeness At Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. (CS)

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