Group to Research Mysterious Little People of Alaska - Mysterious Universe

Kawerak Inc, a native non-profit in Alaska, is the recipient of $150,000 in funding to establish a preservation program for the narratives of the indigenous Alaskan peoples. Focus will be on the Little People stories, which are common to every tribe, as well as tales of the Iliamna Lake Monster, the Hairy Man, and shape-shifting whales. Most of the anecdotes told are also well documented, so the organizers will be looking hard to find instances of the truly unusual, the untold, the unexplained. Digging through history to find the truth and pass it along seems appropriate because If You Wish To Understand the Paranormal, You Need To Understand Time. In a nutshell, what Dr. Kirsten A. Thorne is saying, is that the past, present, and future are constructs of our consciousness and the only thing that is real is Now. That sort of eliminates the need for morning-after-the-night-before regrets. (CM)

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