Former USGS Employee Admits Making & Planting Fake Artifacts Underwater At Bimini, Bahamas While Employed at the USGS - ...

Now this is just disheartening, not to mention disappointing and unpalatable. A "scientist" by the name of Eugene Shinn, formerly employed by the US Geological Service, has admitted to falsifying information by planting fake artifacts around the Bimini underwater site. It gets worse. According to Shinn, he and his coworkers found inventing archeological evidence amusing, which we suppose isn't surprising given Shinn's belief that anyone in disagreement with him is a lesser being. In light of this deception, which serves as both betrayal and waste of taxpayers' dollars, we are left wondering who, if anyone, we can trust. What sort of motivation would compel a scientist to regard his post with such contempt? Why make a mockery of all others who administer their research in full account of the trust they wield? This isn't about a skeptic wanting to disprove theories regarding the age of an ancient stone wall. This is about integrity, respect, and conscientiousness--or in this case, the complete lack thereof. Trust destroyed. Good luck getting it back guys. (CM)

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