Finding Meaning In The Words Of The Dying - BeliefNet

Not everyone can be Oscar Wilde as the clock runs out, but many find meaning in the ramblings of those about to pass over. There's something universal about dying, whether the visions of near-death experiences or someone's last words, and it's been haunting Lisa Smart and Wesley Baines. Until we're called back, we'll have to embrace Hope Over Experience or at the very least pick up a copy of The Science Of Near-Death Experiences. Caveat lector, as Peter Rogerson discovers John Hagan is pushing an agenda transcending the petty argument between materialism and spiritualism. For a broader view of what's ahead of us, check out Jim Harold's latest edition of The Paranormal Podcast where he invites Dr. Eben Alexander To Discuss The Afterlife and Melissa Alvarez to teach us how to harness the energies of animals to our benefit. A fine companion piece for those who frequent The Enchanted Forest. This morning I got the seagull! Woo! (CS)

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