Facebooker Records A Crystal Clear Video of Multiple UFOs While Driving Through the Desert in Arizona - Collective Evolu...

Meteor fragments hanging in the April 11 Arizona night sky for fifteen minutes? Witness and videographer Mauricio Morales, whose images are a current internet sensation, doesn't think so. Collective Evolution's Arjun Walia properly notes that photos of "UFOs" aren't necessarily of extraterrestrial objects, but then trots out many of the standard quotes and a couple of videos to support the case for ET visitation. The 9-minute footage from Dr. Steven Greer is useful; it saves one the time and expense of actually going on one of his UFO-calling sessions to get a sense of the thought processes at play. Arjun thinks that a massive positive shift in human consciousness is behind the supposed increasing visitation of earth by ET civilizations. Our reading of the news is rather different, and in our opinion using UFOs to make social points just adds more "noise" to the study of UFO origins. Noise or not, the human effect of a fixation on UFOs is a valid and serious subject, as the Scarlet Woman tells us with The Obsession with Aliens & UFOs: Do Geniuses Communicate with Them? "TSW" advances three mysterious cases of men who disappeared or were murdered after flying too close to the UFO flame. (WM)

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