Could Having More Bigfoot Skeptics Help Cryptozoology? Maybe So. - Mysterious Universe

This post by Micah Hanks practically oozes with common sense and practicality. Of course cryptozoology could be helped by involving more skeptics--as long as those skeptics remained open to be being pleasantly surprised. A bunch of closed minded naysayers would be no help at all. The field needs more researchers like Karl Shuker, who shares his findings on The Warracaba Tiger And Other South American Pack-Hunting Mystery Cats. This piece struck us as borderline creepy. Cats can be so very detached and independent, the thought of them being interested enough in prey to hunt in a pack just feels like something Steven King would would take an interest in writing. Less frightening but more frustrating, we have That Dorsal Fin Again. Glasgow Boy reminds us of the numerous sightings on the Loch of what appears to be a fin breaking the water, albeit requiring a little imagination sometimes. This does, however, bring to mind the possibility that other aquatic creatures with dorsals may call Loch Ness home, regardless of having to share it with a monstrous roommate. (CM)

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