Canadian UFO Research Group Reports 1,131 Sightings in 2016 - Mysterious Universe

Some time ago we pointed out the nonsense in asserting, based upon a few European sources, the notion that "UFO" reports had dwindled almost to nothing. But Brett Tingley's article on the number of Canadian sightings reported in 2016 raises again the more salient questions as to why reports may generally be on the rise, and whether numbers of truly interesting reports are increasing. Be sure to read the 2016 Canadian UFO Survey itself, particularly for its discussion of the flip-flop in the percentages of "Probable or Possible Explanation" and "Insufficient Evidence" cases in the most recent annual Survey. On the subject of past odd phenomena reports, but going back much further, Fortean Ireland gives us The Scareship Letter. This post refers to an Irish News and Belfast Morning News article of January 5, 1910, recounting an airship sighting by two young men returning in the early morning hours from a Christmas party. There's a short paragraph mysterious to those not fully up on their history of this neck of the woods, and a request for any information on a claimed Tuesday, July 6, 1909 sighting over Mountcharles, in County Donegal. (WM)

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