British Witness Videotapes UFOs over Gosport - Open Minds

They're just lights in the sky, but for some reason the behavior of these three over Gosport, Hampshire, England, around 10:50pm on January 9th intrigues us. Roger Marsh tells us that MUFON's Great Britain National Director closed the case as an "Unknown." The lights' movements don't particularly look like they're helicopter-borne. Drones? Open Minds' Alejandro Rojas, with permission of filmmaker James Fox, presents the Exclusive Full Interview of Former Arizona Governor Discussing his Phoenix Lights UFO Sighting (Video). This is a historically interesting video, so it's worth your while to review it. The article partly promos Fox's UFO Congress presentation video marking the 20th anniversary of the controversial Phoenix Lights event (or events), but you've got to spend money on that one. Still on the subject of UFO images, Rich Reynolds weighs in on two classics in Iconic UFO Photos that Intrigue (Me). Reynolds takes what might at first seem a minor detail about the attitude of the objects in both the July 7, 1947, William Rhoades and May 11, 1950, Paul Trent UFO photos and considers whether it supports genuineness or fakery. (WM)

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