Breaking: 3rd 'Chicago Owlman' Sighting Reported! - Phantoms and Monsters

What is going on recently with this spate of person-sized owl-like creatures being spotted? Is this a morphing of the Mothman phenomenon? Or maybe we can throw a monkey wrench into current musings and suggest the owl sightings are symptomatic of alien encounters wherein extraterrestrials cloak themselves to appear like everyday objects. Granted, an adult human-sized owl is not an everyday object, but maybe the aliens were fans of the movie The Fourth Kind. (It could happen.) But history is filled with tales of great bird-like creatures, or simply incredible birds. Great Birds Of Fire is Magonia's review of Joseph Nigg's recent publication The Phoenix; An Unnatural Biography of a Mythical Beast. The Phoenix was first mentioned in the 5th century BC by Herodotus, and since that time our imaginations have been captivated with images of greatness rising from the ashes, with tales ranging across the globe as centuries passed. Perhaps the most extraordinary account is that of Betty Andreasson (The Andreasson Affair), who claimed that during her alien abduction she observed within the alien craft a large bird that become encompassed by bright light and turned to ashes. By all accounts very puzzling. (CM)

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