Between the Lies: The Hoax and the Paranormal - The Numinous Den

Jeff Ritzmann examines an increasingly serious impediment to concerted progress in the ufological field. Ritzmann's experience provides good points about some of the stimulus behind hoaxing. Ritzmann's suggestion that (at least many) miscreants felt "compelled" to do such things may be dead-on. We think Commenter Chris O'Brien has a valid argument that visions of monetary gain drive many current internet frauds, and we'd argue that ufology is a field not alone in these regards. Other examples of human-created "noise" in ufology besides conscious hoaxing are ideologically-informed explanations for ambiguous data, as seen in Venezuela: Strange Object over Caracas, where an apparent object over the politically-torn Venezuelan capital is suggested as possibly "non-human intelligences" deriving nourishment from the human energy below. And could it simply be the unconscious "15-minutes of fame" urge affecting the judgment of an excited videographer in UFOs over Adelaide? Filmmaker Convinced Unusual Lights Streaking through the Early Morning Sky are Alien Craft? Others say that what was filmed were just meteors, according to Daily Mail's Josh Hanrahan. (WM)

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