Argentina: FAO Commemorates UFO Sites - Inexplicata

Rather welcome is the news that the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia is placing plaques at noteworthy UFO sites throughout that country. But we wonder what criteria they are using to select these sites. Are these cases made famous by the media? The Orangeville (Ontario) Banner's Chris Halliday headlines MUFON Asked to Investigate Orangeville UFO Sighting. This is a refreshingly straightforward presentation by a local news media source stemming from a March 28 report of a "faint letter 8"-looking craft that "appeared to bend the light of the stars as it moved." And going back in time, as he often does, Rich Reynolds (and we) find interesting Those Old UFO Magazines!. This time it's the Spring and Winter 1978 issues of True's Flying Saucer and UFOs Quarterly. There are some nuggets there filling out some of the "stories and reports that have become iconic in the UFO canon." (WM)

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