Are UFOs Interrupting Your Radio And TV? -

Probably not as Brooks Garner looks at a meteorological phenomenon which is the bane of broadcasters. It's an interesting factoid to keep in your back pocket should you be tapped for a UFO investigation. Those who do chase saucers know how far the rabbit hole goes. Look at Paul Seaburn who says it's about 30 feet deep based on Michele Thompson's discovery of a Mysterious Arizona Hole Mysteriously Filled By The Government. That story jogged David Halperin's memory of Michael Hallowich digging holes to hoax a saucer landing. But the way people conflate events, even years apart and from Glassboro To Roswell, doesn't do anyone any favors. Especially Captain James McAndrew's attempt to shut down serious inquiry into Roswell. And if you've been following The Anomalist, we've been sharing a lone voice crying in the wilderness decrying the demise of UFOlogy. It gets tedious, depressing, and probably saves CIA/DHS/NSA/FBI's disinfonauts a whole lot of trouble in diverting attention from the real deal. Plenty remain earnest in their interest with saucers, and Scott Browne shares Dr. Harley Rutledge's UFO Blueprint to follow in collecting evidence and anecdotes related to this enduring phenomenon. (CS)

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