Alien Abduction: The Missing Time and Hypnotic Regression of Alan Godfrey - Stranger Dimensions

Rob Schwarz shares with us the 1980 story of police constable Alan Godfrey and how a night of herding lost cattle ended with a flash of light and a loss of 15 minutes from his timeline. Godfrey later revealed details of his experience while under hypnosis but remained skeptical of the results, believing that he may have simply remembered a dream. Seems to us Godfrey would have made an excellent fortean which, if you think about it, is exactly what a busy police constable should be. On a lighter note, we present Jimi Hendrix’s Ghost and His UFO and Alien Encounters. On the Isle of Wight where Jimi performed his last concert there is a statue of the rock and roll legend. Neighbors however are complaining. The statue, they say, doesn't fit in with the architecture of the surrounding buildings. Oh, and it's least that was the word on April Fool's day. Seriously though, Jimi was very attuned to the paranormal and had personal experiences with both UFO's and ghosts. We think he'd like his statue to stay right where it is. (CM)

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