A History of Riverbend Bigfoot Sightings - Riverbender

Riverbend County, consisting of Madison, Calhoun and Jersey, Illinois, is a must-see destination for Squatch Watchers, with hairy bipedal sightings only outnumbered by those in Washington, California and Florida. The suggestion here is the population density just makes it likely that more people are out and about, resulting in more witness accounts. Whatever the reason, the reports continue to come in of hairy creatures darting across roads in only a few strides, hanging out in neighborhood backyards to avoid noisy tourists, or just getting in the way of recreational activities. And while there is no conclusive evidence proving Sasquatch is real, You Can̢۪t Tell Me That Bigfoot Doesn̢۪t Exist. The Wittenberg Torch student paper does a bang up job of explaining why as forteans we will never accept the "doesn't exist" hypothesis in the absence of definitive proof one way or the other. It's not just good science--it's way more interesting when we leave the door open to accidental discoveries. (CM)

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