A Color Doctor - Haunted Ohio

Chris Woodyard shares a most interesting study of New Agey-ness in the 1800s, long before it became hip to have your chakras adjusted. Color therapy as an intuitive healing delivery system, practiced by Dr. William Hotchkiss, was a blend of shamanism, intense "massage" therapy, and a good deal of filth. Didn't stop his clients from feeling better though, in spite of the questionable origin of Hotchkiss's MD. And while the daring were having their colors adjusted, others were having conversations with ghosts. In Comparison: Testimonial about a 'Talking Poltergeist' Haunting that Began Two Centuries Ago. The mysterious incidents surrounding the Bell Witch phenomenon took place over a period of 4 years, and Mark Bell reviews testimony from a witness who regularly engaged in communication with the entity, as recorded in An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch and Other Stories of the World's Greatest Unexplained Phenomenon by M. V Ingram. (CM)

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