Women's Roundtable with Erica Lukes, Chase Kloetzke and Kathleen Marden - The Paracast

To understand better why ufology hasn't made the progress it perhaps should have to date, one must consider its underutilization of half of the available people-power. The recent Paracast podcast touching upon this matter was one of the best we've heard, though its thread may have deviated some from what Gene and Chris had originally intended or expected. It was fascinating to note how their individual experiences likely helped form Erica, Chase, and Kathleen's answers to the question of opportunities for women in ufology, and particularly in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). A few male gaffes were brushed aside, and the discussion was generally very substantive--and especially enlightening regarding some of the inner workings and problems of MUFON. A distinction was made between gender issues and general personality clashes in some of these matters. Some statements about vetting witnesses surprised as well as interested us. Though fundamental issues remain, the general tone of the conversation was positive towards opportunities for females willing to dedicate time and effort to the field. (WM)

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