What George W. Bush REALLY Knows about UFOs - Mysterious Universe

We have two different takes on a conversation Jimmy Kimmel had with the younger former President Bush. Paul Seaburn's post leads with the video clip of the Kimmel/George W. Bush repartee, then brings up a fresh poll indicating that over half of US citizens believe the Government would attempt to hide contact with an alien species. Seaburn then instances several cases, most famously the "Stephenville" radar-visual sightings of January 8, 2006, of UFO events that the younger Bush would have good reason to remember. Then we have Alejandro Rojas's take in Open Minds: Jimmy Kimmel Asks another Former President about UFO Secrets. Rojas thinks that, while the Bush/Kimmel back-and-forth was meant to be fun, "during much of the conversation, Bush did not appear to be joking." Rojas brings up the work that former host of the Syfy Channel's Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files Ben Hansen has done in analyzing former Presidents' statements about UFOs. (WM)

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