UFOs Spotted 50 Years Ago in Galesburg - The Register-Mail

Fifty years ago this month Galesburg, Illinois, and environs was host to a "mini-wave" of UFOs that sounds rather like an echo of the more famous Michigan "Swamp Gas" sightings of March 1966. Lights in the sky seen by multiple witnesses, different police units and an officer who had multiple sightings, ambiguous police film of suspect lights, follow-up vigils by interested citizens, deeds by flying saucer pranksters, and men from Project Blue Book employing some of the same tactics and dismissive explanations--these things are all there as they were in 1966. See a complementary article at Retired Moline Officer Recalls the Day the UFO Paid a Call. Speaking of Project Blue Book, we turn to An ET Shot (and J. Allen Hynek had the Details)?. Rich Reynolds relates several interesting items from the Spring 1974 edition of the magazine Probe the Unknown. Rich gets some help from Commenters who own J. Allen Hynek's seminal book The UFO Experience with fleshing out the details of the magazine's version of a story in Hynek's book. (WM)

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