UFOs over Richland County: 1973 - Richland Source

If you're not familiar with the October 18, 1973, Mansfield, Ohio, or Coyne Helicopter UFO case, Brian McKee provides a decent summary with a local flavor, plus a few lighter touches. The interview with three of the four primary witnesses is worth the price of admission. Another "classic" sighting receives recent attention in Chiles, Whitted, Turbulence and Ed Ruppelt. Kevin Randle ruminates over his discovery regarding the supposed "turbulence" that occurred when the cigar-shaped UFO passed by the airliner that Clarence S. Chiles and John B. Whitted were flying over Alabama in the early morning hours of July 24, 1948. Randle still thinks the seasoned military veterans mistook a bolide for something more artificial, but he's not 100% sure of this interpretation and neither are we. More to the present, but still 'way more than mere "lights in the sky," Roger Marsh tells us that a Virginia Witness Reports Silent, Low Flying Boomerang UFO. An Alexandria resident had an 8:30 pm March 19 sighting of a low and slow UFO with five large charcoal gray circles on the underside of the black boomerang-shaped craft. It's tempting to write this one off as a military craft whose existence is finally about to be revealed, but what was it doing in a crowded aerial arena at that time of night? (WM)

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