UFOs Exist! Recently Discovered Copies of Roswell AAF Base Activity Reports Confirm UFO Crash - Press Release Rocket

This splashy title announces The Final Revelation: The Sun Project, a 157-page book that covers many catchy current UFO-related enthusiasms. If there's anything to the article's headline, which apparently comes from work done by unnamed "former military and intelligence specialists" who studied old sheets of carbon paper found at a tag sale, this book would possess the true "smoking gun" about Roswell. It might therefore seem odd that since its June 2016 publication the tome hasn't made more of a splash in the UFO field. But the "loopy fringe that dotes on UFOs" and talk about "secret programs for achieving Global Dominance using the ET Advantage" are not the only reasons Why Science Ignores UFOs. Rich Reynolds opines that other passions with potentially more payback enthrall scientists, engineers, and other thinkers. Commenter Jean holds that it's "the circus atmosphere that surrounds the subject," but also invokes the potential payback card, or lack thereof, that inhibits expenditures for instrumented observation projects. Credible and relatively low-cost initiatives are underway, and were discussed at a special meeting during last August's MUFON International Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Maybe Rich isn't familiar with that Final Revelation book that led off this post, for he questions The Shameful 'Ethics' of Officials Who have Access to UFO Secrets. Rich rhetorically asks why "for 70 years no one has had the gumption to spill the beans about the activity of space visitors to Earth, some involved in crashes?" Rich also massively hints at the answer to his own question. (WM)

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