UFO Reported in Gulf of Mexico: OSV Engineer Says he Saw Large Craft Hovering Near Rig - gCaptain

Only Big UFOs today. gCaptain is a website devoted to advancing the interests of the commercial marine and offshore energy industries. We doubt that reporter Mike Schuler submits many such tales as appears in this piece. The witness reported an approximately 1000 foot craft that rose out of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico about 80 miles southeast of New Orleans on the evening of March 21st, and quickly disappeared. He thinks that more than 50 other people on nearby vessels may have seen this event. An interesting and straightforward treatment by a "mainstream" website. Elsewhere, Open Minds' Roger Marsh gives us a December 10, 2014, Lakehurst event in which a Disc UFO over New Jersey was "Football Field" Size, Claims Witness. This UFO was oval, and the object appeared to accelerate as it moved quickly away. One possibly germane nugget: the phenomenon was first sighted over the joint McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst military installation. Interestingly enough, the witness said he decided to make the report after driving by the base the other day and realizing "you can see stars everywhere in the sky, except for where those lights were above the base." (WM)

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