UFO Odors (And a Stinky Sasquatch) - UFO Conjecture(s)

Rich Reynolds launches from a mention of Nick Redfern's review of the new book The Brimstone Deceit into a disquisition on the odoriferous side of some UFO experiences. Be sure to check out the links and the Comment by "Jean." Reynolds next instances an early Kevin Randle article in A UFO Assault and a Socorro Repeat? But Reynolds goes beyond the Randle piece for this post and compares one element in an unnamed author's article in the same magazine issue with an earlier blog of his on possible hallucinatory aspects of UFO sightings. Rich then throws in a report which should have elicited numerous comments, given his (and Kevin Randle's) recent posts on the Socorro CEIII case. And Doug Skinner provides another John Keel contactee post in Special Cases -- The Long Island File (28): Egads, What a Mess!. This is John's written conclusion to another installment of mental mayhem, and includes reference to a frighteningly real mystery. Even the occasional brushes with the normal world have their macabre moments in the continuing Keelian saga. (WM)

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