Two UFO Sightings in Yeovil in the Space of Two Weeks - SomersetLive

England's Somerset County's town of Yeovil is noted for its Ninesprings park, home of a "Yellow Brick Road" main path, and occasional sightings of the rare Water Vole. Some locals want us to believe that some truly peculiar things are going on there, too. Josh Fordham reports that "In December we had an alien spotted wearing a Stetson Hat near Yeovil College," and "two more possible unexplained sightings" on March 4 and February 21 were posted to the Mutual UFO Network's "UFO Stalker" website. We think those in charge of that MUFON database would do well to review their policies of inclusion, and wonder whether such standards, along with site title and logo, invite such contributions. (WM)

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