Transcendent Mind And Supernatural Smells -

Sundays can be the long dark tea-time of the soul. Minutes feel like hours. Hours lose meaning as Sundays stretch into eternity like a cruel realization of Xeno's paradox. Objectively, Sundays are no longer than other days of the week which leads to subjectivity, the core of the hard problem of consciousness. Jim Harold welcomes Julia Mossbridge on his podcast to chat about her interpretations, followed by Joshua Cutchin's explorations of yet another part of the consciousness spectrum outlined in his Brimstone Deceit. A little more combative is Alex Tsakiris's conversation with Ex-Stargate Head Ed May who is unyielding when it comes to the materialist paradigm. Record scratch. Wait, what? And May badmouths Dean Radin? Sounds like a typical episode of Skeptiko, which is a good thing. (CS)

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