Tiny Craft, Tiny Pilots - Malcom's Musings: Anomalies

Malcolm Smith provides a short look into small humanoid encounters, most of them with young humans. It's interesting that in most of these cases the little people travel in vehicles that would be especially interesting to youthful witnesses, and it's tempting to lump them all together into an arena different from UFOs per se and a psychological rather than paranormal underpinning. It's a fascinating article. David Weatherly takes us to the other end of the size spectrum in Flying Cigars and Giant Humanoids in 1950s Argentina. The stories Weatherly relates seem more closely to involve cryptid animals and UFOs, if indeed the two major paranormal elements are to be connected. It is a pity that the "giant tracks" were apparently not better documented; it would be especially useful to know whether they seem to have been "fresh" when first noted. The next article emphasizes that sound investigation generally solves most "UFO cases," but one Unsolved UFO Case in Houston Bewilders Former Police Officer. Reporter Foti Kallergis is an award-winning TV journalist, and his interviews with local MUFON investigator and ex-police officer Fletcher Gray are personally respectful. But there's an irritating lightness in some of the embedded videos, especially in an 18+-minute stroll through the ABC 13-Eyewitness newsroom in the middle of the article that's eminently missable. (WM)

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