The Vapor-Man Of Brown's Woods - Haunted Ohio Books

Most men in black accounts verge on the infernal, rather than the contemporary stereotype of sterile government agents. Perhaps some who glance at Chris Woodyard's account of a vapor-wrapped entity may find parallels tickling their fancies. Speaking of men in black, their favorite subject of scrutiny, Nick Redfern, takes another look at More High-Strangeness In Defiance, Ohio. Keen readers will remember yesterday's account of werewolves, and will be chilled by Rob Easley's recollection of being pursued by MIBs one strange summer. While you wait for Nick to tie these MIBs with Defiance's werewolf, he's joining the likes of Peter Rogerson and Mike Dash in hopes of solving The Mystery Of The U.K.'s "Phantom" Social Workers. Despite the thin evidence leading to blind alleyways, there may be one common thread linking them all together. (CS)

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