The Strange Case of the Phantom Pokemon - BBC

Apparently the realm of sleep paralysis is not limited to visitations of demons, specters, and extraterrestrials. We can now add Pokemon to the list of entities that experiencers of this sleep disturbance have reportedly encountered. Makes sense when you think about it; those little critters are fast, and some are as ugly as heck. Nightmare creatures are not the only paranormal rivals when it comes to terrifying a population. Seems The ‘Competing’ Poltergeist, Demonic, UFO And Ultra-Terrestrial Phenomena – It Could Turn Out They Are All One And The Same! Paranormal researcher Paul Eno believes these beings all come from the same place, crossing over from a dimension different from our own. What makes each encounter distinct is the makeup and environment of the individual experiencer. Eno describes his viewpoint as somewhat radical, and we have to agree although it is refreshing to look at the phenomenon through a fresh lens. (CM)

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