The Soay Island Sea Monster Of 1959 - Scientific American

If you don't drink coffee, like this editor, then you could use a little irritation to wake up. Was Nessie's cousin haunting Scotland's shoreline, or perhaps a giant turtle? Heuvelmans proposed it, and now Darren Naish is following in his footsteps. Except with snark, a video "shaming" people, and Naish citing himself as if that absolves him of having an opinion! If Naish was a fortean, he could've addressed The Problems With Lake Monsters much like Nick Redfern. How do huge critters appear in tiny bodies of water, then elude investigators and authorities? Typically marine beasts grow to great size thanks to their generous environment, feeding into Nick's tales of "The Hugest Monster In The Sea". Whatever stalked Swedish sailors was definitely not an Architeuthis as the kraken appears to be far more gregarious and adventurous than her bathypelagic cousins. (CS)

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