The Roswell Bookshelf--"UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth" (Part 1) - Journal of a UFO Investigator

David Halperin gives a fair if possibly too forgiving evaluation of the contributions and important weaknesses of the titled book by Charles A. Ziegler, Benson Saler, and Charles B. Moore regarding the mythic aspects of the Roswell conundrum. None of the three authors were historians or ufologists, and Halperin points out the superficialities in the product. Nevertheless, the book gives a useful perspective on the development of the Roswell myth around and expanding upon whatever actually did occur in the summer of 1947. Halperin then launches into one of the interesting sidelights in a story related by two different individuals whose testimony has largely been rejected by researchers such as Kevin Randle. Halperin sees special meaning in an otherwise rather small detail that a red-headed captain took part in some of the "clean-up" activities surrounding the supposed crash of an alien vessel in the New Mexico desert. It's an interesting discussion, even if the story was a fabrication, as Halperin touches upon a folkloric tradition that red-haired people are traditionally believed to have "fiery tempers." The potential racist overtones of this tradition are discussed and seem confirmed by a check of the online sources regarding the supposed red hair of Ramses II, probably ancient Egypt's greatest self-promoter and a self-proclaimed successful and brutal warrior. (WM)

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