The Horde of Non-Convincing Ufologists - UFO Conjecture(s)

Rich Reynolds notes that no one person has made a fully convincing case, pro or con, regarding UFOs. This seems to bother him. It has bothered many who have studied UFOs since 1947, causing some to quit the field out of frustration or exhaustion. Some have blamed ufology itself for being so--well, hard. Rich's posts have often discussed reasons this is so. The field is subject to numerous specific ills, including internecine ego battles among its participants and the lack of real interviewing skills that seems so rampant and is such a weakness at the very critical point where a UFO experience begins its incorporation into the societal understanding of UFOs. One general problem is that very few fields require such conversance with so many different disciplines, at least for someone intending to craft a truly persuasive theory covering the phenomena. These and other issues we could instance complicate and retard the study, but are they forever fatal? (WM)

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