The Hex Cat Of Tumbling Run - The Curious Fortean

The locals 'round Mount Carbon, Pennsylvania, know plenty of weirdness. Their fortean phenomena can be counted on both hands, but Andrew Gable's interest is with the left hand's lone finger representing the hex cat. Some hex cats are good, while others are bad, but which are borne of a hexahemeron? Nearly 500 miles away, as the thunderbird flies, Nick Redfern's caught wind of The Strange Tale Of The Defiance Werewolf. Let's just say there was a time where Wisconsin wasn't the dogman capital of the Americas. Also in the running is the eponymous county seat of Orange County, Texas. Ol' Solomon bent Nick's ear about his encounter with A Shape-Shifting Wolf In Texas. An interesting factoid to keep in your back pocket is silver's current price of $17.84 USD/ounce. Average 9mm bullet is .26 ounces. A competent gunsmith can make 4 silver bullets, if they include some of grandma's fancy tableware to make up for the difference. On the other hand a typical box of 50 rounds of 9mm costs around $10 USD. If you run into a dogman make sure every shot counts, or hope your buddy's slower than you. (CS)

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