The Ever Intriguing Extra-terrestrial Phenomenon. These Celebs Believe in Alien Existence - The Economic Times (India)

Here's an instance where a mainstream media outlet takes the matter of extraterrestrial and even UFOs somewhat seriously, though you might have read these stories about Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan elsewhere. Britain's New Musical Express (NME) furnishes another example with The Kinks' Dave Davies Opens up about UFO Experiences. Reporter Damian Jones says Dave's UFO experiences have seeped into his "subconscious and super-conscious". And that brings us to Jeff Ritzmann--Active Participation in the UFO Enigma. Turns out that Ritzmann has a theory explaining how creative or otherwise "liminal" people may have multiple UFO and other paranormal experiences, and how the siren call of the UFO can destroy a person's normal routine and even lead to ruined personal relationships and penury. This Radio Misterioso interview hosted by Greg Bishop rather takes on the character of two old friends exploring a different way of looking at paranormal experiences, in which the witness not only affects the phenomenon--he may actually summon it. It took some time for ufologists to realize fully how witnesses' reports of paranormal phenomena were often colored by prior experiences, personality traits, and memories. Authors such as Eric Ouellet on his blog and in his book Illuminations: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event have argued for an actual effect by the perceiver upon the phenomenon itself. Ritzmann takes this further in a dialogue that is clear and engaging throughout. Further on the subject of UFO obsession, Rich Reynolds claims that UFO Madness is One of a Kind. While it seems clear that different sorts of people report abduction experiences, and it's true that the reservoir of competent psychotherapists willing to work with such people does not meet the demand, it's always useful to review papers such as the one by Texas State University religious scholar Joseph Laycock which Commenter Tim Hebert mentions. (WM)

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