Text Messages From The Past - The Curious Fortean

There seems to have been a recent spate of text messages received with the date stamp of 2003. An example of hacking, perhaps? Possibly, but the texts are being received across a range of mobile carriers so that doesn't make sense unless they've all been hacked with the same program. Since the texts seem to come from nowhere and contain little information, we will have to wait to find out if an invisible time traveler is asking for directions to his Tardis, or where his wife is living in present day...In other sad stories, the Bust of RussiaĆ¢€™s Last Czar Reported to Shed Tears. The effigy of (Saint) Nicholas II has recently begun weeping, seemingly in response to Russia's involvement in the Ukraine, as well as mounting tensions with countries from the western world. It would be helpful if he could send a text to tell us what he's really crying over. (CM)

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