Strange Sounds From An Abandoned Mine - Ghost Theory

When we first watched the accompanying video to this piece we were fully prepared to be underwhelmed. Instead, we were treated (???) to some chill inducing disembodied voices that left us wondering what the heck went on in that mine before it was abandoned. The investigator who uncovered the perplexing sound was entirely unbiased, by the way--he was actually in the process of recording a product test for a new flashlight. Guess he got more than he bargained for. So while we're pondering dark empty cavernous spaces, let's go Into the Ghostly Gloom: Strange Tales of Haunted Caves. Brent Swancer explains to his readers the history of Diablo Canyon in Arizona, which was soaked in bloodshed and littered with betrayal. Not surprising there are restless spirits wandering about, especially in a hidden area like a cave where both ambushee and ambusher would have found shelter. Finally, while not a hole dug in the ground or a cave bore into a mountain, abandoned ships can be just as eerie as the above two examples. Real Ghost Ships with Crews That Mysteriously Vanished Into Thin Air. The list has many entries, each unexplained, each with a fully and completely vanished crew--human occupants at least. While sometimes signs of a struggle are left behind, giving weight to arguments for mutiny or piracy, most often it seems as if crew members were plucked up by an unseen force and dropped in another dimension, vaporized, or lured into the sea by a siren's song. That's no less haunted than voices in a long forgotten mine shaft. (CM)

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