Spooked Brazillian President Moves Out Of Official Residence Because Of 'Ghosts' - Times of India

Believe hauntings only happen to the powerless? Think again, sometimes politicians find ghosts as a convenient excuse to dodge allegations of corruption, among other acts of deceit. Keep your eyes on Twitter should the POTUS start crying Lincoln's ghost among other unquiet entities. Less light hearted is Chris Woodyard's retelling of Miss Nea's Bones Of Contention where the eponymous lady excretes bones much to the consternation of the men of science in her day. Sadly none of those bones still exist for show-and-tell, which would've been more disturbing than the Elementary School Teacher Using A Ouija Board As A Prop During Class. And who's afraid of the big bad ideomotor effect anyway? Certainly not Micah Hanks! (CS)

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