Special Cases: The Long Island File (31): More Strange Calls and Another Letter - John Keel

The saga continues. Two "John Keel" installments ago we noted a long and sometimes almost lyrical letter John had written to the entities Apol and Agar on July 12, 1967. John says here that his contact Jaye Paro read him a message from the two "indicating that they had received and understood" his letter, but he gives no details. Nonetheless, John now follows up by composing a more matter-of-fact missive outlining a plan for Disclosure by a grand public appearance of the visitors' vehicles near the United Nations Building in New York City. Keel observes practically that "Flashing lights and merely luminous globes will not prove anything to anybody." [Well, maybe Keel was slightly wrong there.] He has other practical suggestions for the ufonauts to make their presence known safely and unequivocally. This letter could be construed as ratcheting up the pressure on the entities to "put up or shut up," and while Keel seems still intent on trying to help Apol and his associates, he demands a preliminary demonstration before selected witnesses as proof that the aliens understand him and are ready to carry out his UN appearance plan. Hopefully, he'll submit this letter to Jaye for transferal to Apol and Agar, and we'll learn more, soon. (WM)

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