Spanish UFO Researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca Provides his Theory (Explanation) of the UFO Phenomenon - UFO Conjecture(s)

In three recent posts Rich Reynolds outlines a theory about UFO reports that include encounters with some sort of beings. In this first installment, Spanish researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca sets out the "basic principles" of his "Distortion Theory" (DT). Caravaca postulates an "External Unknown Agent" (UAE) that is outside of the human witness and is intelligent. The UAE interacts with the witness' psyche and memories to project a "3-D" image that alters those memories, producing a CEIII with some weird details. Though uniquely based upon contact with the psyche of one person, this projection can be perceived by other humans as well, and even more, it may have a corporeal component, even leaving physical traces to make the charade more believable. But to what end? Here the theory has more issues and becomes, if anything, even more speculative. Many observers will find the DT philosophically challenging in attempting to explain one "unknown" (the UFO) by another "unknown" (Caravaca's postulated UAE). In Jose Antonio Caravaca's (Brilliant) Distortion Theory Reynolds offers a non-paranormal response to this point. Rich posits a type of currently-unknown mental aberration that is neurological or psychological rather than the product of some hidden entity acting upon the human brain. This approach brings the "unknown" agent out of a "borderline" field into that of mental health, and Reynolds sees the theory's greater value there than even in the study of UFOs. With UFOs: Phenomenon or Phenomena? The Distortion Theory Reynolds answers some of those critics of the DT who've missed the point that it applies to a rather narrow (and currently relatively sparse) type of UFO event, that being where beings interact with human witnesses. As such, the Distortion Theory is not a Grand Theory of Everything UFO, but a mind-stretching approach to explaining encounter cases. (WM)

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