Some Past Life Memories - Paranormalia

If anyone knows of somone named Jennifer formerly stationed at a military base in Alaska, get in touch with Robert McLuhan 'cause he has a live one. There are many more details in Adri D's past life memories making for an intriguing read. Had Adri recalled being a French blacksmith then EsoterX would be of some help, knowing her former incarnation pursued Divine Messaging For Fun And Prophet. Sometimes these wild talents are more trouble than they are worth explaining why Most People Would Not Want To Know About Future Events, even if they are good. The Anomalist maintains it has little to do with "anticipatory regret" but the prospect of being burned at the stake, among other cruel fates. Speaking of which, pity The CIA's Psychics Confused The New Orleans Delta With The Amazon. The original target? New Orleans at Mardis Gras. They would've had a whole lot more fun had they been flown down with a few bottles of gin and fistfuls of beads. (CS)

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