Some Corpses May Mysteriously Heat Up After Death - Popular Science

Most stiffs get cold when they buy the farm, while others buck the trend. Even more peculiar, scientists don't know why it happens and it has the possibility of cocking up murder investigations. Maybe the corpses are trying to jumpstart their bodies, come back and tell us what's happening on the other side. Keeping an open ear and mind, Brent Swancer shares Truly Amazing Accounts Of Reincarnation where people are alive again. Most of them are children but regardless of age, their recollection of past lives is startlingly accurate. Bringing us to the University of Virginia's Department of Perceptual Studies. They just presented a 'Medical Center Hour' at the hospital where Scientists Discuss Their Research Into Mind Beyond Body And The Survival Of Consciousness After Death. Funnily enough, it's as if they've read Greg Taylor's Stop Worrying, There Probably Is An Afterlife!. (CS)

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