So Long, Des and Lorraine's Junk Shop - Spitalfields Life

If you've ever found that packing up and moving house is daunting work, consider the task faced by this London couple who have to move their entire collection of fascinating 'junk' to new premises. Among the eclectic and esoteric treasures in their Aladdin's cave is a supposed mummified mermaid. Long may these rare establishments survive. Other weird wonders are on display as reported by Aidan Dunne in The art of the paranormal: telepathy, ectoplasm, poltergeist. Artist Susan MacWilliam has created a new show in Ireland called "Modern Experiments," which resembles "a vintage laboratory devoted to paranormal research." Meanwhile across The Pond, the city of Boston hosts a Nessie Artwork Exhibition by artist Bradford Johnson. Follow the links for further info. (LP)

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