Silencing Sagan? - Magonia

John Harney reviews Donald L. Zygutis's The Sagan Conspiracy: NASA's Untold Plot to Suppress the People's Scientist's Theory of Ancient Aliens, which holds that NASA tried to keep secret Sagan's ET beliefs. We might be safe in assuming Harney was entirely underwhelmed by his parting comment, "I found the Zygutis's style of writing rather confusing and repetitious, and a much shorter version would have been more suitable." Tell us what you're really thinking John...Next up, the Reverend Matt Cook questions Kicking Walls, Quantum Physics & The Nature Of Reality. This piece is definitely not for anyone afraid of an existential crisis. Taking the basic assumption that what we can observe as human beings on this level of existence is never the entire picture, we are asked to consider that perhaps our very existence is only one small particle in a somewhat pixelated universe. Doesn't bother us as long as a hungry Pac Man doesn't show up. (CM)

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