Sasquatch Thwarts Rape Attack - Phantoms and Monsters

Our hats are off to Lon Strickler for this gem. When Sarah's friend stumbled upon a marijuana grow in an Oregon forest, she got more than she bargained for that day. Good thing her friendly, neighborhood bigfoot was on the scene to do the right thing. But enough of that. America's Pacific Northwest gets too much press when it comes to hairy hominins, what about 'Straya? Kick back as Heather And Rex Gilroy Tell The Story Of Yowies In The Barrington Tops of New South Wales. Mrs. Gilroy didn't see one yowie, but two, back in 2014 and Rex made one of the freshest casts in his enviable colleciton. Long before Animal Planet switched to sensationalist shows like "Finding Bigfoot" and cable TV was a glimmer in Ted Turner's eye, everyone and their mate's been wondering about McCooey's Mysterious Australian Apes. Digging deep into the matter, Nick Redfern uncovers some tidbits long forgotten and a yowie skeleton nobody bothered to recover for the Australian Museum. (CS)

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