REVEALED: Bosnian Pyramid 'Built By Aliens' So Humans Can Skype Other Planets - Daily Star

Headline of the year. Sabrina Dougall's earned her salary for the rest of 2017 with those twelve words. As for the facts in the article, well... let's just say it's a super fun read with cool ideas, but don't let your brain fall out. And if it does, remember the five second rule! Stories make me think of Mysterious Universe's fantastic podcast, their k-razy books borrowed from the Theosophical library, and news items like this Mysterious Ancient Staircase To Nowhere Found In Cambodia lined with elephant statues and Buddhas. Thanks to Brett Tingley for raising awareness for this endangered, ancient site and how it could change our understanding of world history. Another brick in human civilization's foundation's been discovered with a Mysterious Ancient Labyrinth Is Unearthed In Denmark, leaving Danes and Brett scratching their noggins. Archaeologists have redoubled their excavations in hopes of finding the remains of its minotaur. Not all of history is manmade, and Sarah Gibbens notes Siberia's Growing 'Doorway to Hell' Offers Clues On Climate Change as it peels back the taiga's strata. (CS)

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