Renowned Psychic Medium Kyra Oser Predicted Best Picture Upset in Blog Post--Over 6 Weeks Before it Happened - PR Newswi...

Generally we try to remain open minded and non-judgemental about the topics we post links to at the Anomalist. However, we'd like to go on record as saying anyone who listens to the news, glances at the internet or listens in on office cooler conversations could predict with fair accuracy which actors would win academy awards. And Asia's stock market crisis? We think Ms. Oser shouldn't pat herself on the back too hard, as the non-gifted masses were watching for it long before she ever made a prediction. And this is why people are so skeptical of mediums nowadays. But here is a story that demonstrates we don't need future events forecast to benefit from a little psychic healing: Seeing a psychic was the best thing I've ever done for my mental health รข€” here's why. We love this piece because it demonstrates that those of us who are on the woo side of things have much more to offer the world than parlor tricks and weather forecasts. Oh--and the people who utilize their skills are not all nut jobs. If Sean Conway from Co Sligo has his way, the woo side might become mainstream one day. Clairvoyant's Amazing Talent: Irish medium reveals plans to open up a school to teach children how to see dead people. Conway believes all people have abilities similar to his own and plans to assist those children for whom the experience is terrifying and seemingly abnormal. That makes him a hero in our books. (CM)

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